Course Maker is Fixed

Thanks to everyone that contacted me about the course maker not working.  It should be fixed up and good to go now.  I should have known that was going to be an issue, but it is what it is.  Just a quick update on what I am working on.  I have started looking into Java [...]

RadarLove 0.2beta is out!

Wow! A new version of RadarLove! Check it out!

Screenshots of RadarLove!

As promised, here is a collection of screen shots of the redone RadarLove!  Click on an image for a better view, my CMS chops off to make it square. I’m still working out the fine details, but things are moving along nicely.  I hope to have a version out by the end of the week!  [...]

RadarLove News

Just wanted to give a quick update, sorry it’s been so quiet.  I’ve been working on RadarLove a bit (and Email Scheduler, more on that later) and have added some pretty cool things, and am working to include a few more. Here are things currently done, or close to it: Added a warning overlay (shows [...]

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RadarLove! Preview .01beta

I am still working on the email scheduler, but I thought I would throw this out there for you to play with.  I was never able to find a good online radar, so I wrote this to fit the bill.  It works great in a emulator, but sometimes on my phone, I get a network [...]

Updated .72beta

Somewhere I goofed, one of the dll’s was not getting registered, so I had to add that in and it should now work fine.  I also fixed the Convert.toBool error some are getting, at least I hope so.  I didn’t change the release number, so on the download page it will still show .72beta, but [...]

New Version of Scheduler released

I hope this will fix things up, I have updated quite a bit code wise, so I hope this fixes the random lockups, CPU usage, etc.  Please, if you are having problems, POST YOUR QUESTIONS TO THIS POST.  It is really hard to follow all the posts (here and on XDA).   GET IT HERE [...]

Finally! GMAIL supported!

Man, what a bitch!  after months in the making, gmail finally works (at least on my phone).  EmailScheduler .71beta adds a new  (actually, it’s not new) SSL connection mode to work with google.  It works great, the only bad thing is it has to have 2 more dll’s to work, and it adds about 1MB [...]

GPS Info–New Software, New Release

           I have had a number of people say they can’t get the Golf GPS program to work on their device.  I decided to add another form of GPS data collection to it, but before I did that, I figure I should make sure the new method works.  I wrote this [...]

.70beta released

I decided to release another update to the Email Scheduler.  I should now have fixed the Exchange Server issues, and a few more minor bugs.  I have been using this version for over a week and it has worked surprisingly well.  I somehow got it to stay connected for 30 minutes without reconnecting every 5 [...]