NWService Updated to 2.3

Android NWService Weather Radar Application has been updated to version 2.3.  This version fixes a number of issues that people have left in the comments in the Android Market.  Please report anything else you find to me!!!!! Thanks Gudy

NWService errors

I am getting reports from the google error reporting that some users (very few) are getting errors.  If this is you, please post a comment here, in the forum, or email me with some specifics…ie when the error occurs, what phone you have, and the version of android you are using (custom rom?). Thanks Gudy

NWService Radar 2.0 released!

MAJOR UPDATE–Current users should apply this update NOW.  This is a complete rewrite from the ground up.  This new code base will allow for more maps to be easily added.  A high def advanced map is coming soon which will focus more on the local scale weather. Major Feature Changes: -National Weather Map coverage!!! -More [...]

Android Weather App NWService getting a major face lift!!

MAJOR UPDATE coming later this week, early next: -National Map coverage!!! -All Google Map Types -More radar products; sat, IR, Warnings, etc. -Better user interface -Better performance -GPS is now optional -Much more in the coming days,  stay tuned..

Coming Soon to a Market near you!

NWService 1.0 NWService uses the power of Google Maps for Android, and adds the best, most accurate radar on top of it, straight from the National Weather Service.  It is extremely light weight, wicked fast, and full of features.  Check out the project page to read more about it. This should be in the Market [...]

RadarLove 0.2beta is out!

Wow! A new version of RadarLove! Check it out!

Screenshots of RadarLove!

As promised, here is a collection of screen shots of the redone RadarLove!  Click on an image for a better view, my CMS chops off to make it square. I’m still working out the fine details, but things are moving along nicely.  I hope to have a version out by the end of the week!  [...]

RadarLove! Preview .01beta

I am still working on the email scheduler, but I thought I would throw this out there for you to play with.  I was never able to find a good online radar, so I wrote this to fit the bill.  It works great in a emulator, but sometimes on my phone, I get a network [...]