A taste of Android!

RadarLove Android Edition! So I finally have had some time to play around in the Android SDK, and just playing around, started to see how difficult it would be to port RadarLove over to Android.  The SDK has some great libraries but I am nowhere near ready to release this yet.  Anyways, just wanted to [...]

RadarLove 0.2beta is out!

Wow! A new version of RadarLove! Check it out!

Screenshots of RadarLove!

As promised, here is a collection of screen shots of the redone RadarLove!  Click on an image for a better view, my CMS chops off to make it square. I’m still working out the fine details, but things are moving along nicely.  I hope to have a version out by the end of the week!  [...]

RadarLove! Preview .01beta

I am still working on the email scheduler, but I thought I would throw this out there for you to play with.  I was never able to find a good online radar, so I wrote this to fit the bill.  It works great in a emulator, but sometimes on my phone, I get a network [...]