Cast Your Vote!

These are the 4 programs I selected based on doability, community interest, and well coolness!  You only get one vote (based on IP and cookie) so make it count! Read below for more information about each of these choices. [poll id="2"] DETAILS: Event Driven App launcher—will launch an application when a certain event is fired.  [...]

Golf Gps update

I’ve been busy puting the finishing touches on the update to be released later this week.  Things to be included; a driving range page with 6 different distances; selection between yards and meters; new course menu now working; and who knows, maybe more.  The program is almost done, but i want to update the coursemaker and [...]

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Need Ideas!

Hey guys, I want to know what cool program, functionality, or software you would like to see created.  I am a .net programmer (among others) and would like some ideas of projects you would like to see.  I would like to stay away from a graphic intense program and involved games, so think functionality, usefulness, [...]

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site update and upcoming releases

So first off, I hate my web host.  Sorry that my site is rather slow, the php processing on my web host sucks.  I will try and improve that as we move forward.  I also opened up comments, meaning you do not need to have an account to post a comment (takes too long to [...]

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Added a Project Page

Boy, it’s been a busy day!  Got a lot done, including adding a projects page that outlines some of the projects I plan on releasing.  You can find it at the top of the page.  Once I release something, which I hope to have all of them done within the next few weeks, I will [...]

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