NWService Updated to 2.3

Android NWService Weather Radar Application has been updated to version 2.3.  This version fixes a number of issues that people have left in the comments in the Android Market.  Please report anything else you find to me!!!!! Thanks Gudy

NWService Radar 2.0 released!

MAJOR UPDATE–Current users should apply this update NOW.  This is a complete rewrite from the ground up.  This new code base will allow for more maps to be easily added.  A high def advanced map is coming soon which will focus more on the local scale weather. Major Feature Changes: -National Weather Map coverage!!! -More [...]

GolfGPS tops 2500 Courses!

The Golf GPS program for windows mobile has over 2500 courses now.  Of course, this does include some fake courses that people have made while trying out the system.  Reguardless, looking though the list, it has grown quite nicely! On a side note, it looks like I will be leaving the Windows Mobile family for [...]

RadarLove News

Just wanted to give a quick update, sorry it’s been so quiet.  I’ve been working on RadarLove a bit (and Email Scheduler, more on that later) and have added some pretty cool things, and am working to include a few more. Here are things currently done, or close to it: Added a warning overlay (shows [...]

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GPS Info–New Software, New Release

           I have had a number of people say they can’t get the Golf GPS program to work on their device.  I decided to add another form of GPS data collection to it, but before I did that, I figure I should make sure the new method works.  I wrote this [...]

Golf Gps .30beta Released + CourseMaker update

I have uploaded the latest release of Golf Gps.  I have also added some pretty cool features the the course maker (see below).  VERSION NOTES: .30beta 10/16/2008 Added Driving Range screen Added Display in Meters Added New Course option Fixed Accuracy showning ‘Unknown’ for known reasons Fixed bug that caused a crash if file was [...]

Golf Gps update

I’ve been busy puting the finishing touches on the update to be released later this week.  Things to be included; a driving range page with 6 different distances; selection between yards and meters; new course menu now working; and who knows, maybe more.  The program is almost done, but i want to update the coursemaker and [...]

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site update and upcoming releases

So first off, I hate my web host.  Sorry that my site is rather slow, the php processing on my web host sucks.  I will try and improve that as we move forward.  I also opened up comments, meaning you do not need to have an account to post a comment (takes too long to [...]

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Working on Stuff

I have been working hard to get Golf Gps released.  I should have it hopefully by the end of the day.  I tested it out yesterday and it seems pretty solid.  I will release more info about it once I get it up here for all to enjoy!  I will also add a project’s page [...]

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