Android NWService Radar

NWService 1.4

Introducing the NWService application for any and all Android devices running 2.1 and above.  This app displays real-time radar information directly from the National Weather Service, formats it to work with Google Maps.  You can zoom all the way into street view and see exactly where the rain/storms are.  This is an US ONLY app.

Now Shows Storm Warnings!!!!

NWService features:

The Bad News :(

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Version 1.4 Notes (10/27/2010)
  • Jumped to 1.4 for internal reasons
  • added Warning Polygons to Map display
  • fixed some forced Close issues when exiting program
  • more code improvements
Version 1.2 Notes (10/5/2010)
  • added help file to the settings/options menu
  • added link to local forecast page from the National Weather Service based on your location
  • added option to start program without running loops
  • added GPS radio off when not in foreground (save battery)
  • fixed random crashing while looping images
  • more code cleanup, improved loading of images

Version 1.1a Notes(9/23/2010)

Version 1.0 Notes(9/17/2010)