MotoRider Beta Update

MotoRider Update

A playable game now:



Over 1,000 games have been played in the last week (since I started tracking), and over 30 levels have been created with the level editor.  Give it a try and see if you can take the top position on the leaderboards for each level!  Certainly playable, but needs some more fine tuning.  Suggestions?  leave them in the comments!

Play MotoRider Now!

As always, leave comments for questions!


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MotoRider Silverlight Public Beta

For the past few weeks, as time permitted, I have been working on a silverlight motorcycle game, similar to many Trial Bike games out there.  This one is a bit different in that there is a Track creator included with it that everyone can use to make tracks!  My goal is to complete the silverlight online version with several game types, a leader-board for each level, and build tons of tracks.  A port to Android will soon follow, and who knows, iPhone???  Anyways, without further ado, here it is:

Play MotoRider Beta Now!


And some Screenshots:


You do not need a account to play, but if you want to make a track, you will need a account, which is easy to setup.  Click ‘Log In’ then register on the right, or in the game.


Play MotoRider Beta Now! 


Let me know if you find any errors, also, keep in mind it is a beta!  Post feedback here, or in the forum (once I get it back up and running).

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!


forum down

The forum is “under construction” for a little while.  Had a massive spam attack on it, and the update isn’t taking.





NWService Updated to 2.3

Android NWService Weather Radar Application has been updated to version 2.3.  This version fixes a number of issues that people have left in the comments in the Android Market.  Please report anything else you find to me!!!!!



NWService errors

I am getting reports from the google error reporting that some users (very few) are getting errors.  If this is you, please post a comment here, in the forum, or email me with some specifics…ie when the error occurs, what phone you have, and the version of android you are using (custom rom?).



Another update for NWService

I released another update for NWService.  This fixes 1 major bug (page can not be found error) and a couple of minor ones.  Thanks to those that submitted the bugs to me at  Without them, the only way I would know of a problem are in the (negative) comments  left ;)  I would much rather fix the bugs than get nailed in the comments!

Thanks again!


NWService Radar 2.0 released!

MAJOR UPDATE–Current users should apply this update NOW.  This is a complete rewrite from the ground up.  This new code base will allow for more maps to be easily added.  A high def advanced map is coming soon which will focus more on the local scale weather.

Major Feature Changes:

-National Weather Map coverage!!!
-More Google Map Types
-More weather radar products:
Weather Radar with/without loop
Visible Satellite
Water Vapor
1 hour precipitation
24/48/72 hour precipitation
Warning polygons
-Better user interface
-sliding options menu
-Better performance
-GPS is now optional

Tell me what you think!


Android Weather App NWService getting a major face lift!!

MAJOR UPDATE coming later this week, early next:
-National Map coverage!!!
-All Google Map Types
-More radar products; sat, IR, Warnings, etc.
-Better user interface
-Better performance
-GPS is now optional
-Much more in the coming days,  stay tuned..

NWService 1.5 released to the wild!

I think I got everything fixed up so now I can focus on features!  Couple of notes to you playing at home:

-Will require a manual update as I needed to include another permission (Location permission) as I traced a possible error to the fact that this permission is missing.

-Loops should now be working for everyone again.

-Fixed GPS force close; actually just made it a requirement to have Location Services on.  I will work on removing this requirement as I know not everyone uses this, nor trusts me ;)

-other minor code improvements that you will never notice.

Thanks for all the feedback, it has really helped out!  I am sorry if you emailed me and I didn’t respond, I had so many with the same issues I might have missed a few.



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Android Market 15 Minute Return Policy Rant!

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Before I go on a rant, I wanted to let you know that I am working on updates for both the GolfGPS Program, as well as the NWService app.  NWService is first up with some needed attention to some known issues.  Look for it later this week, or early next.

Now the Rant!  Google has made some much needed improvements to the Android Market.  The overall look of the new market is top notch.  They also opened the door for developers to add more content to their product pages, more images, and more formats are supported.  The one thing they really F’ed up on however is a new 15 minute return policy.  If you haven’t heard about this yet, hit up a search engine and read all about it, and all the people complaining about it.  As a developer of currently 2 applications in the Android Market, I am very disappointed in this change.  GolfGPS is free, so the change doesn’t hurt this one, but NWService is a paid app, one that in order to fully use, and experience a time that needing the pinpoint accurate radar it provides requires much more than the 15 minutes allowed by Google.  Heck, I feel a full week is needed before you know for sure if this is what you are needed.  BS right?

So I decided to implement my own policy.  I will grant a full refund to anyone who has purchased my apps within a 5 day window.  All you need to do is email me at with your details (name and date of purchase should do) and I will setup a refund in Google Checkout.  I really do want to make these apps fit what people want and to work as expected.  I can’t do that when people don’t give feedback, or even try the app because of this 15 minute window.

So with all the negative feedback, what has Google said about it?  The only thing I have found for a solution is to release a trial version that people can tryout before purchase.  Personally, I hate this practice, as it increases the number of apps to maintain, as well as inflates the total number of apps in the Market (of course, that is what Google wants).  Having said that, who knows, maybe I should release a trial.  What do you think of all of this??