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MotoRider Beta Update

MotoRider Update A playable game now:       Over 1,000 games have been played in the last week (since I started tracking), and over 30 levels have been created with the level editor.  Give it a try and see if you can take the top position on the leaderboards for each level!  Certainly playable, but [...]

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MotoRider Silverlight Public Beta

MotoRider Game using Silverlight!

forum down

The forum is “under construction” for a little while.  Had a massive spam attack on it, and the update isn’t taking.   Thanks   Gudy

NWService Updated to 2.3

Android NWService Weather Radar Application has been updated to version 2.3.  This version fixes a number of issues that people have left in the comments in the Android Market.  Please report anything else you find to me!!!!! Thanks Gudy

NWService errors

I am getting reports from the google error reporting that some users (very few) are getting errors.  If this is you, please post a comment here, in the forum, or email me with some specifics…ie when the error occurs, what phone you have, and the version of android you are using (custom rom?). Thanks Gudy

Another update for NWService

I released another update for NWService.  This fixes 1 major bug (page can not be found error) and a couple of minor ones.  Thanks to those that submitted the bugs to me at  Without them, the only way I would know of a problem are in the (negative) comments  left  I would much rather fix [...]

NWService Radar 2.0 released!

MAJOR UPDATE–Current users should apply this update NOW.  This is a complete rewrite from the ground up.  This new code base will allow for more maps to be easily added.  A high def advanced map is coming soon which will focus more on the local scale weather. Major Feature Changes: -National Weather Map coverage!!! -More [...]

Android Weather App NWService getting a major face lift!!

MAJOR UPDATE coming later this week, early next: -National Map coverage!!! -All Google Map Types -More radar products; sat, IR, Warnings, etc. -Better user interface -Better performance -GPS is now optional -Much more in the coming days,  stay tuned..

NWService 1.5 released to the wild!

I think I got everything fixed up so now I can focus on features!  Couple of notes to you playing at home: -Will require a manual update as I needed to include another permission (Location permission) as I traced a possible error to the fact that this permission is missing. -Loops should now be working [...]

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Android Market 15 Minute Return Policy Rant!

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Before I go on a rant, I wanted to let you know that I am working on updates for both the GolfGPS Program, as well as the NWService app.  NWService is first up with some needed attention to some known issues.  Look for it later this week, or early next. [...]