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I finally wrote a page to list all the games on this site.  There is now a link at the top, side, as well as RIGHT HERE! Thanks Gudy

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Flappy Birds

why not?? Play it here. Gudy

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Flick Basketball

Here is a link to Flick Basketball, interesting little basketball game.  Flick the ball into the goal.

BreakOUT! now on Android!

Breakout is now on Android, as well as on the web.  Both versions are the same, and use the same scoreboard, etc.  Right now there are no ads in the Android version, but that might change in the future.  Here are some screenshots:   You can play breakout online here. OR You can download breakout [...]

George’s Bananas

When you have 2 kids, you can’t just have one do something, here is my other kiddo’s creation: Check it out here! Gudy

Dodge Blocks!

Another Fun Game, this time made by a 7 year old (in about 2 hours at that)!  Welcome to Dodge Blocks: Play it Here! Gudy

Break OUT!

I added another game created with Construct 2.  The classic game of BreakOUT! Play the game here! Gudy

MotoRider Update

MotoRider now has a level editor! I split the game into 2 “areas”. The Pro section has levels that I created, and include more objects than is currently in the user level editor. The “User” section has the level editor, and the list of user created levels that you can play.   Play MotoRider! now [...]

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MotoRider Returns!

Well, sorta. Silverlight is going bye bye, so instead of fixing it, I decided to rewrite it. Looking at different technologies to use, I found a cool tool called Construct 2 (uses HTML5). I was able to create a running game of motoRider within a few hours, and now it has almost everything the original [...]

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NWService 2.7

I want to publicly apologize for the radar system going down for the past couple of days.  Please try the new update and if you are not happy, I will refund your purchase, no matter how long you have had it.  Please email with any questions or concerns.  The reason for the downtime is [...]

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