NWService 2.7

I want to publicly apologize for the radar system going down for the past couple of days.  Please try the new update and if you are not happy, I will refund your purchase, no matter how long you have had it.  Please email support@gudensoft.com with any questions or concerns.  The reason for the downtime is the NWS changed their radar system without warning.  They no longer offer the “base” national image, and switched to the composite base image and the high res base.  The High Res Base is great, and always worked in the app, but by default, the app used the lower quality base images, and I know some users had trouble switching to the high res.  I fixed the options menu to fit better within most phones, so it is easier to use.  While this was a rather simple fix in this app, there were other things that needed to be addressed before I could release the update.  Google Market has changed quite a bit, and now require more items when an update is released.  While I think this change is good, it did aid in the delay of the release.  Once again, I aplogize for any inconvenience  this caused anyone.   Here are the relase notes for version 2.7:

Version 2.7 (6/5/2012)
-- Fixed base radar not rendering.
-- Fixed options menu, should render buttons and fit to screen better.
-- Added new warnings layer and legend.
-- More options and products coming soon!

The good news is that the NWS has added a ton of new items in their system that I will be adding to the app.  More on that coming soon.




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