NWService 1.5 released to the wild!

I think I got everything fixed up so now I can focus on features!  Couple of notes to you playing at home:

-Will require a manual update as I needed to include another permission (Location permission) as I traced a possible error to the fact that this permission is missing.

-Loops should now be working for everyone again.

-Fixed GPS force close; actually just made it a requirement to have Location Services on.  I will work on removing this requirement as I know not everyone uses this, nor trusts me ;)

-other minor code improvements that you will never notice.

Thanks for all the feedback, it has really helped out!  I am sorry if you emailed me and I didn’t respond, I had so many with the same issues I might have missed a few.



January 14, 2011 • Posted in: Uncategorized

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