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Just wanted to give a quick update, sorry it’s been so quiet.  I’ve been working on RadarLove a bit (and Email Scheduler, more on that later) and have added some pretty cool things, and am working to include a few more.

Here are things currently done, or close to it:

Added a warning overlay (shows current warnings in the radar area)
Added a “Find Radar Site” piece to the settings.  You can now type in your city, state or zip code and it will select the radar for you. (85% done)
Improved the drawing of the images drastically!  Radar now supports full transparency, no more white-outs.  Images are cleaner, crisp, and I also improved loop drawing times, ie the loop will run faster.
Added a setting to change the Status Text Color — 6 choices, no more hard to read blue (unless you want it).
More Code improvements

Planned additions, not yet implemented (percent done):

GPS integration.  Program will pick the radar site based on your gps data. (35% done) 
GPS Location icon.  Will put an icon on the spot of your GPS location, or the location of the city, state you put in. (25% done)
Visual Sat. overlay.  Overlay to show current cloud conditions.  (0% done)
Local Forecasts.  (0% done)

I hope to get this out within the next week or 2.  I will post some screenshots early next week of the new design.  We have had over 8,000 downloads of this thing, but only a handful of donations.  Come on people, give me some incentives! 



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