Finally! GMAIL supported!

Man, what a bitch!  after months in the making, gmail finally works (at least on my phone).  EmailScheduler .71beta adds a new  (actually, it’s not new) SSL connection mode to work with google.  It works great, the only bad thing is it has to have 2 more dll’s to work, and it adds about 1MB to the program size.  I will continue to work on the file size, but at least it is working!  


Get it here

Please let me know of any errors/issues you have, just post a comment to this post.




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  1. Orjan - April 11th, 2009

    I’ve just tested it on my Touch Pro – works like a charm with my Gmail account. Thanks a lot, this is much appreciated.

  2. SpamMagnet - April 14th, 2009


    I’m getting this error after clicking “save”.


    at System.Number.ParseInt32()
    at System.Int32.Parse()
    at System.Convert.ToInt32()
    at EmailSchedulerService.MainEventWatcher.RunEndProvision()
    at EmailSchedulerService.MainEventWatcher.StartupRun()
    at EmailSchedulerService.MainEventWatcher.MainLoop()
    at EmailSchedulerService.Program.Main()

    Any ideas? Thanks.

  3. Gudy - April 14th, 2009

    Not really, I need to know all your settings (not username or password). You can send it via email to if you would like, or just post it here. Do you have a registry editor? If so, delete all entries in HKCU->software->gudensoft->emailscheduler. Then rerun the program, and put in all your settings again. Let me know what happens.



  4. Wayne - April 22nd, 2009

    Great tool! Thanks! I’m using it with Gmail, too, on a Tilt (WM6.0). I am curious: if the connection is lost for any reason, will EmailScheduler reestablish it? It appears not. If it’s set on “Manually”, relying only upon IMAP IDLE for retrieval (trying to optimize battery life), will it ever reconnect? Is such reconnection a possible, future feature? In an effort to avoid downloading the entire inbox every 5 minutes (to reestablish any possibly broken IMAP IDLE connection?), is there a way to relaunch the IMAP IDLE portion of EmailScheduler independently and automatically (e.g., launch ImapIDLEService.exe every 5 minutes or so), and will this effectively recover from broken IDLE connections?

    Thanks again!!

  5. Rob - April 24th, 2009

    Works perfectly, for a while. Using IDLE with Gmail on a Diamond with stock ROM.
    Recently it has been ‘losing the connection’ after a few hours, but not realizing??. New emails are in my inbox, but it has not triggered a download. If I got to settings it still says that IDLE is connected. If I stop IDLE and re-start it connects and triggers outlook to download.
    I’m not sure if this was related to adding a hotmail account to my device too. I have since removed it, but still getting the problem. I also have an exchange sync setup.

  6. Rob - April 24th, 2009

    A little more info…
    After a soft reset and noting online that I had new emails, settings still showed IDLE connected, but no new emails had been downloaded.

  7. IonSoul - April 30th, 2009

    Hi. Using HTC Fuze with winmobile 6.1 and EnergyROM. Get the same error at startup.


    at System.Boolean.Parse(String value)
    at System.Convert.ToBoolean(String value)
    at EmailSchedulerService.MainEventWatcher.RunStartprovision()
    at EmailSchedulerService.MainEventWatcher.StartupRun()
    at EmailSchedulerService.MainEventWatcher.MainLoop()
    at EmailSchedulerService.Program.Main(String[] args)

    Any ideas?

  8. Gudy - May 4th, 2009

    Thanks guys, I am looking through it now. I should have a new release later today or tomorrow. I wish I could get it to do the CPU usage thing, but on my device, it idles around 1% at most. Anyways, the other stuff should be fixed up today.



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