.70beta released

I decided to release another update to the Email Scheduler.  I should now have fixed the Exchange Server issues, and a few more minor bugs.  I have been using this version for over a week and it has worked surprisingly well.  I somehow got it to stay connected for 30 minutes without reconnecting every 5 minutes!  This makes the battery life much better, but I still can’t explain how this is actually working (well, I can code wise, but not network wise).  GMail is still being a torn in my side, and will continue to get it working for those of us that it doesn’t work for.  I do have conformation that it does work for some!  Please, if you try it and it works for you, let me know!  This is an offical release, so you can get it HERE.


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  1. Chris - March 21st, 2009


    Very good program however emails only arrive to the handset when I wake it up from idle mode.

    Is there a fix for this or have I missed a setting somewhere

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