IMAP IDLE Test Release

I am going to release a version of this that I am sure will not fully work.  I hate to do this, but since I only have access to the HTC Titan on Verizon, I need some other brave souls to try this out and give me feedback.  DO NOT USE THIS VERSION FOR DAY TO DAY USAGE (unless it actually works)!  There are bugs which I will list below, and it could lock your device up (although, it hasn’t mine).  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK


Uninstall any previous Version.
Download Cab From HERE.
Install on your device.
Run Email Scheduler like normal.  Click on the Option button at the top, this will open up the options, click the IMAP tab at the bottom and you will see a screen like this one to the left.  Click on the “Enable IMAP IDLE” and the settings will become active.  Select the account you want to use, Only IMAP accounts will show up under accounts.  This only means that the server is an IMAP server, it doesn’t mean it will support IDLE (Yahoo for example will show up under accounts, but does not support IDLE).  It should fill in the server address, and username, but change as necessary.  Fill in your password.  Most use SSL, if your not sure, leave it checked.  If it doesn’t work, it should tell you that once it tries to connect.  Select Debug file and it will output a file that has all the debug information that I will need if you have a problem.  Then, click ok.  Setup and save your settings, and press Save(exit).  

Here is what will happen.  IMAP IDLE settings will use your start time and end time to use IDLE for the selected account.  So, at the start time, it will start the IDLE service, and at the end time, it will close the service.  This is a service, so it will not interact with you, unless there is a problem.  It will popup a messagebox if it has a problem it can’t fix.  You can also check the current status of the service by opening up the Email Scheduler again, clicking on options, then the IMAP tab and at the top it will in near real time tell you the current status of the service, and will update without refreshing the screen.  

For the selected account, it will also disable polling.  That means outlook will not check the mail at certain intervals.  All other accounts will check as you set up in the settings.  

KNOWN BUGS (on my device, xv6800 on Verizon):

No gmail support (and maybe others) :(

RAM Usage over 900KB–this is because this is a debug release, and we are writing to the debug file.  Once I release a more stable release, it will drop to around  300-400kb.  This is only when the service is running, not all the time.

Random Drops–I can’t explain this, I am hoping your debug files will help me figure it out.

If you do get errors, have problems, locks up, whatever, please email me your debug file to  It will be located in Program Files/Email Scheduler.  Please also post a comment here with your problem so others can see it as well.  



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6 Responses to “IMAP IDLE Test Release”

  1. Stanislas Elie - February 6th, 2009


    The “current IMAP status” always show “not running”…

    How do I make it run?

  2. Gudy - February 6th, 2009

    Did you save your settings(exiting the program)? Are the times set correctly? Is their a debug.txt file in program files/email scheduler?


  3. Gudy - February 8th, 2009

    Hey, someone else use this and try gmail. Someone just emailed me and said it worked. Let me know what you find.


  4. How to Get Six Pack Fast - April 15th, 2009

    I follow your posts for a long time and must tell that your articles are always valuable to readers.

  5. maxvernon - June 11th, 2009

    I’m using a self signed SSL certificate, which I think is preventing the SSL connection. My mail server reports:

    Session 1596; child 1
    Accepting IMAP connection from [ : 36683]
    SSL negotiation successful (TLS 1.0, 1024 bit key exchange, 128 bit RC4 encryption)
    –> * OK IMAP4rev1 MDaemon 7.2.0 ready
    IMAP session terminated, (66 bytes)

    The scheduler complains of “an error during ssl negotiation”. I’ve installed the scheduler on an HTC Touch Diamond on Rogers in Canada. Any insight would be very much appreciated!

  6. maxvernon - June 11th, 2009

    ooops. I just downloaded the latest CAB from your /emailscheduler page and selected the ‘OpenSSL’ option and it works. Good. And thanks very much! BTW, I’m a software developer (well, if you call VB as development platform), so if you need anything tested I can be a good resource for that. Thanks again.

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