Email Scheduler .66betaTEST

This is an update to the IMAP IDLE feature only.  If you are not interested in IMAP IDLE, use the .61beta, it is smaller, and there are no changes to the scheduler part of the program.  

Now, changes to IMAP IDLE:
Fixed as many errors as I can without being able to test on certain servers.  All I can say is, try it again, and hope I got it working.  At least for me, gmail is still getting SSL errors, but I did have 1 user say it worked (although I never got a debug.txt file to prove it).  Try it, and report back for me.

Added a simple way to test out server settings.  There is now a button on the IMAP page that allows you to start and stop the service.  At the top you will be able to watch the progress of the service trying to connect, all the way through success or failure.  This should help show you what the service is actually doing.  When you do this, it will run regardless of your settings in the main screen, but once you save out of the program, it will revert back to those settings.  Hope that makes sense.

How to test:  Set up the program, once it says IDLE Connected, that means you are good to go.  From another email account NOT on your phone, send an email to the IDLE Connected account.  once you press send, watch the current IMAP Status box and you should see “New Email, Calling Outlook”.  Once that happens, the time it takes outlook to download the email, and notify you is out of my hands, but it should be under a minute, unless your connection is slow.  


As always, if you have questions or problems, post a comment, or email  Please include the debug.txt if you email me.


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  1. Stanislas Elie - February 15th, 2009

    Here goes :
    Something is wrong with the ssl handshake and gmail, it fails.
    The imap idle appears to be working with fastmail’s server, but the program crashes when I click on “save”, before I have any chance of validating that it truly works. For it to not crash, you have to set something other then “nothing” in the per account settings values.

    I am unclear as to what is the start time and end time. Start and end time of what? Of the moment where it stops fetching email? So, it starts polling emails at the start time or it stops polling? And the per account settings, what does “start setting” and “end setting” stands for? What does it do (or doesn’t do) when set to “manually”? What values do I need to set if I don’t want to use the schedule feature, just the imap idle feature?

  2. Gudy - February 16th, 2009

    start time = when to start using IDLE
    end time = when to end using IDLE
    the other settings for that account are omitted (except you could still poll at the end time to the start time of the next day if you wanted to.

    gmail–that is what I get too. wierd


  3. Nick - February 26th, 2009

    I just began testing this program and I am ALMOST in love. I only have a few issues.

    1. marking a message in pocket outlook does not spur a Send Receive

    2. I seem to have the same issues w/ gmail.

    Does this program only have the ability to poll one account at a time? It would be great to be able to use multiple accounts as both my personal and work accounts have IMAP. Currently my work I am running my work email via your program and everything else seems to be working great.

    Now if we could just find a way to use Flags in Pocket Outlook w/ out an exchange server life would be grand!

  4. garsim - February 26th, 2009

    imap idle is a very strong feature…but i’ve few problem :(
    i’m using gmail. after 2 or 3 emails (10..15 minutes), i can’t start imap idle with email scheduler and i can’t send/receive with poutlook.
    i’ve removed emailscheduler and email account because it still doesn’t work.
    now without emailscheduler and after i’ve recreated email accounts, i can send/receive with poutlook!

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