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So I have been working on adding IMAP IDLE to the email scheduler.  My test server is First Class which fully supports IMAP and IDLE.  I have been testing this for the past week, and other than some minor issues, it has worked pretty good.  I was actually about to release it, then thought I [...]

Email Scheduler .61

I have updated the Email Scheduler program. I added code to have outlook check mail for each account that is active in the settings, and has a poll setting of greater than “Manually”. What that means is, on the time it is supposed to start checking mail, it will force outlook to check the mail. [...]

Text to Speech

  Gudensoft’s TextToSpeech As I was digging around the other day, I found this.  It is a text to speech program I wrote for the special education special services department at our local school.  It uses the Microsoft’s SAM Engine to take text and read it out loud.  It actually has several really cool features to it, like [...]

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