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So first off, I hate my web host.  Sorry that my site is rather slow, the php processing on my web host sucks.  I will try and improve that as we move forward.  I also opened up comments, meaning you do not need to have an account to post a comment (takes too long to make an account here!).  There are some rules in place to stop spam, but if the spam gets out of control, I will have to close it back down again. 

Golf GPS–I have gotten some feedback from some of you about a few errors found in the program.  Thanks for the feedback!!  I plan to release the fixes hopefully tomorrow, or early next week.  Also, I plan on getting the Hazard distance completed and added in to both the course maker, and the program.  Don’t worry, all the courses you have made will still work.  I hope to also add an option to open a course already made into the course maker, so to make changes or to add a hazard will be simple. 

The Courses are really starting to add up!  For some reason, some are not being displayed in alphabetical order like I had planned.  I will look into this, and soon I will have to add some sort of a search!



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8 Responses to “site update and upcoming releases”

  1. Johan - October 9th, 2008

    A really nice project!
    Made a course in sweden and uploaded it.
    Got the program running but it crashes when i try to load a course.
    Hope it will be resolved.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Gudy - October 9th, 2008

    What device are you running it on? Does it load the course that comes with it? What is the name of the course that it crashes on, I will try to reproduce it.



  3. Johan - October 10th, 2008

    Using it on a HTC Touch Diamond.It crashes on all courses.Get the message:File format incorrect or file missing:FormatException.
    It would be nice if you could switch between yards and meters.

  4. mgudenka - October 10th, 2008

    Thanks Johan, I will be releasing a new version today, hopefully that will address the problem. The yards and meters thing is something I didn’t even consider, since in the US, only Yards are used. I don’t think I can get it into this release, but certainly will in the future.



  5. Gregg - November 1st, 2008


    Looks like a great app, I was so pumped I used the course maker and submitted 3 courses. Got the program up and running on a Hantel Q5 WM6 but it does not find the gps data. I’ve got TomTom running no problem and even installed Franson GPSGate to try and help it access the gps data but no luck. When I check the debug info here is the message I get;
    Device Name:
    Device Status: On
    Service State: On
    Position is not valid.
    Make sure you have a course loaded etc…

    Any help would be appreciated,


  6. Unsordreddeks - November 12th, 2008

    Спасибо за пост! Добавил блог в RSS-ридер, теперь читать буду регулярно..

  7. Thierry - December 7th, 2008

    Hello, like johan, i using it on HTC, but i have a problem to load courses , i have the message :”File format incorrect or file missing:FormatException”. If i put 0,0 for each position the program works fine. This error is for all courses that i downloaded from your site and also for a course that i created (Golf des volcans).

  8. ken bussey - January 8th, 2009

    to get gps to work 1st you have go to settings set it up like it said in the manual to gps and to com2 and out to com5 after that go to file upload find tom tom go to configure 4800 and com5 you will notice the satelite spinning and a bunch of balls in the slot and then all satelite in your area then all the lines and balls turning blue presto your done

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