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These are the 4 programs I selected based on doability, community interest, and well coolness!  You only get one vote (based on IP and cookie) so make it count! Read below for more information about each of these choices.

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Event Driven App launcher—will launch an application when a certain event is fired.  For example, you plug in a charger; it will fire your app.  I know I can catch the following events and will start with these:



I will try and add others as needed. 


GPS distance and direction app—Set a point in the program, then with an arrow, point you in the direction you need to go, and how far away your are. 


GPS based profile switcher—Set locations on Google maps, for each point set a radius from it that would trigger an event (ie change sound profile, etc).  Not 100% sure how this would look, but could be cool. If selected, we will iron out the details.


ID3 music quiz as seen HERE.  This may be pulled from the poll if someone else is actively developing this.

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